Elemental Expressions

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As each and every one of us is beautiful and unique, we feel our catering menus should reflect the same way. We can customize a perfect meal for you and your guests by either building it on your creativity and imagination, or using one of our sample menus as inspiration to form your own expression for your catered event

Love for the Earth. Healthy ingredients. Farm to table.  Aspects of nature - rocks, gems and minerals - have fascinated generations since the beginning of time and it’s easy to see why. 
By incorporating a variety of natural pieces such as granite, slate or marble platters to serve on for catering and event decor, I've found grounds us, and brings us more in tune with our surroundings.  It tends to calm the mind, body and soul, putting us at ease, therefore,  ultimately easier to engage with, which leads to a richer, positive memory of the experience. 
Geodes, agate and gemstones if not decor, are inspiration to create unique art pieces that are functional, beautiful and useful. Fusing the two becomes surrealist art as the food itself. 
The extraordinary bounty of sustanace available across the lands and seas sparks creativity that eminates a raw, hungry desire of passionate creativity. Our seasonal menus tickle and tantilize the tastebuds bringing to mind fresh, fun, fusion.